An Email Newsletter System
for the PR world.

The fast-paced world of PR demands a quiet email marketing system that works and lets you tailor your message.

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Know who has (and who hasn't) seen your message.

With tailored templates per agency (or per client) you can be sure that your messaging is always on target.


The more detailed your data, the more your message can be tailored. Intraclick will meet you where you are.


The biggest names in PR have it. Now you can, too!

This is content describing the main features of your product. It should act as a supporting description of the benefit statement.

Schedule your campaigns in advance.

Store your images in the cloud

Track engagement of your campaigns

Detailed analytics that help you understand which campaigns worked.

Make sure the right message
meets the right audience

Human beings run this place. Plans availble with phone support.

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You've tried other solutions, but having a custom template is more important than ever. Be the next big name in PR with Intraclick.

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Tailored Email Newsletter System 

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